D-Day 80th Celebrations in Lyme Regis

16th Infantry Regiment United States Army Plaque Lyme Regis

There will be some celebrations in Lyme Regis over the next few days to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The main event will be tonight 6th June at 9pm with a torchlight parade from the Cobb then along the seafront to Cobb Gate and then Gun Cliff where a beacon will be lit at

Fossil Festival Lyme Regis 2024

The Fossil Festival in Lyme Regis is back after a year off due to a lack of funds. This year the line-up looks like this… » Steve Etches and Chris Moore present ‘The Making of Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster’ » The Rock Showman returns with his amazing street performances » A Wonderful Adventure presents a

Lyme Regis Beach Fossils

Introduction To Lyme Regis Beach And Its Fossil Riches Nestled along the picturesque coast of Dorset, England, lies the quaint town of Lyme Regis. Known for its breathtaking scenery and charming atmosphere, this coastal gem has long been a haven for fossil enthusiasts and geology aficionados. However, it is Lyme Regis Beach that truly steals

Jurassic Coast named one of the UK’s Seven Natural Wonders

The Jurassic Coast has been chosen by experts at the Royal Geographical Society as one of the UK’s seven Natural Wonders. The World Heritage Site which covers 95 miles of Devon and Dorset coastline stretches from Exmouth in Devon to Old Harrys Rocks in Dorset and has a globally unique geology. It is the only

Marine Theatre Jazz Jurassica

New stage at Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis for the Jazz Jurassica Festival event 27-31 May 2021

The Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis are staging Jazz Jurassica, 4 days of cool jazz, gritty blues and sassy soul on the Dorset Coast. The event is this weekend from Friday 28th May until Monday 31 May and is a Covid compliant festival held outdoors next to the Marine Theatre. For more information visit Jazz

New restaurants open in Lyme Regis

Despite a year of lockdowns and restrictions, the dining options are looking exciting with two new restaurants opening recently. On Marine Parade, there is Tom’s which replaces Ocean View and in the High St there’s Robin Wylde formerly a ceramic shop. This is in addition to many other restaurants that have survived months of closure